The Importance Of Faith In Success

Faith plays an important role in being successful. Time and time again, I hear a lot of people who say what they want but are afraid to take action because they lack confidence. Fear of failure is something we have all experienced – it’s human nature. In school, we are taught that failure is bad. In reality, failure is the true teacher of success. Without failing, we cannot learn from our mistakes.

Personally, I have gone through this fear of failure time and time again whenever I encounter the unknown. How have I dealt with this issue? I have trained my mind to remind myself of what can be gained through new experiences – learning. Yes, I may make mistakes. But, in the end, these mistakes make me stronger.

A few years back, a friend of mine asked me whether or not all the work I put into my real estate business has been worth it. My friend asked if I regretted passing on the opportunity to go on to graduate school to obtain a higher degree and receive a higher salary like a lot of people out there. My friend spoke out of concern for my well-being seeing me work so many hours for less pay.

Quite honestly, I understood my friend’s position. Many people favour self-gratification over long term security. For many people, receiving higher education and higher pay is very desirable. Status, money, and power are all valued in our culture. People want these things and they want them fast. For some, self-gratification is placed above all else.

As people grow older, things change and priorities change. Have you ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” It’s true. Many people I know have gone on to achieve their dreams of getting a higher education and also a higher salary. Though, most of them now question whether it was worth it. Constantly working and having little time to enjoy themselves, for many it’s been quite a challenge.

Getting back to my conversation with my friend, I don’t have any regrets about the path I have decided to take in life. Yes, being an entrepreneur is tough. It requires long hours and less pay in the beginning than most people who have gone forward with their careers.

However, I am working for long term security – the positives outweigh the negatives. In the long run, I am building a solid business that will provide a lifetime of security. I won’t have to depend on a job for income and I won’t have to answer to anyone telling me what I can and cannot do. I will be able to enjoy life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it does take time. But, it will be worth it in the end.

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Faith has played a major role for me. Without faith and belief in what you are doing, it’s very difficult to succeed. I’ve learned to continue to believe in myself and what I’m doing. Yes, there will always be people who question your choices in life – it’s understandable as most people are taught to follow the norm.

I believe everyone has their own path in life. There are people who dream about what they want and then there are those who take action. Though it takes time, having faith in what you do and taking action will eventually get you what you want.

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