My Maintenance Costs Keep Escalating

More Repairs Oh No!

Do you own real estate in Nairobi/Kenya and you find that your maintenance costs just keep escalating or you have these unexpected huge repairs bills that seem to derail your planned cash flows?  Property maintenance is one of the major headaches while running a real estate portfolio for rent and the reason why it is so is probably because of the following reasons amongst many others

  1. Inventory-Poor or no inventory taking when new tenants occupy the premises, leading to deterioration of the premises especially if you get 2 or 3 back to back long leases
  2. Annual Audit-Failure to take annual audit of the premises and take remedial measures annually or on a regular basis
  3. Fundi’s/Contractors– shoddy work being done but guised as good work due to the nightmare of being able to appraise/vet good technicians to do the work

At Canaan Properties we employ dynamic systems to run the properties under our portfolio that will ensure regular, quality and preventative maintenance schedules of you real estate portfolio that will plug all unnecessary maintenance bills.

This is what one of our clients had to say

Canaan Properties has proven to be a reliable service provider: not only has its leadership been responsive to our needs as clients; the staff has also been proactive and very professional in all their dealings. As an absentee landlord, there’s a lot that I could not have done without Canaan Properties Ltd”

Richard Boadi
African Development Bank – Cote d’Ivoire

Today is your day for rest from this chronic cash leak!

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