Unwrap Your Property Revenue Potential In 2023

It’s the end of the year oh and what an amazing year it has been 2022!

The year has begun with lots of post Covid optimism ; Everybody getting out there to return fully back to normalcy, some organizations resuming physical work stations, regular worship returned back to normal you name it…. Onto full speed ahead with business/work/social life etc.

Alas, only for Election fever to hit high pitch from July all the way to September….! But in the midst of all that we had an exceptionally peaceful election and smooth transition of power. Truly we have a lot to thank God for this year- and we’re back in business, despite the hyperinflation & now ending drought!

Some of us now are in the planning stage for next year others are still reconciling 2022 events but the bottom line is that we all want 2023 to be better than 2022 ;and for Real Estate Investors- the bottom line of our revenues from our properties must do better.

As a player in the real estate sector we highlight some of the issues you may grappling with as an investor in Real Estate as the year comes to an end.

  1. Low tenant occupancy of your premises
  2. Stagnating rental yields
  3. Low rental collection
  4. Escalating maintenance costs
  5. Unreconciled rental records
  6. Competition from newer premises
  7. How to efficiently manage daily operations/Rogue tenants

As an investor in the real estate sector you might be facing one or two of these scenarios and as the year is coming to an end you’re saying NO! 2023 must be different! It’s true the Covid 19 pandemic has made the whole idea of working from the office less and less attractive leaving more vacant commercial space; high end residential units are also taking serious cuts in rental yields etc.

Is there a solution?

Yes there is! Are there commercial properties and offices experiencing over 80% occupancy Yes! Is it possible to get reliable and good paying tenants today? Yes! How do we keep ahead of new upcoming premises? We actually have commercial and residential premises under our care that are recording over 80% occupancy.

At Canaan Properties we employ dynamic systemic solutions that ensure optimal rental yield for investors in real estate e.g. We give free advice to investors on various interventions that can be done on a premises to enable the premises compete with new developments; undertake aggressive targeted marketing campaigns; we do background checks on all prospective tenants and ensuring they’re credible payers, systemize collections; and many other solutions.

We offer you the opportunity to make 2023 more fruitful in your real estate portfolio inspite of the stinging inflation.
And as part of our new year offer we’re giving free fumigation services for anyone who lists there property with us before December 31st.

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