Property Sales

  • Assist in sound property disposal options
  • Identify and source for credible purchasers
  • Assist in purchase negotiations

Property Letting

  • Identify credible tenants for various categories of properties offered for rent
  • Advise on feasible rental returns
  • Negotiation of secure leases

Property Development Consultancy

  • Identify suitable real estate for development
  • Identify and connect suitable partners for joint ven­ture property development
  • Assist in Project management during development

Property Management

  • Collection of rental incomes for both commercial and residential properties
  • Maintenance of properties including managing risks of fire and security
  • Licenses renewals and payments of and rates
  • Identify and assist with contractors for new and renovation works
  • Advise on maintenance and development of prop­erty that ensures steady increase in rental income
  • Tenant evaluation.
  • Secure leases for all the tenants and landlords.
  • Prompt and on time rent payment into L/lord’s account.
  • Payment of all utilities by respective tenants.
  • Proper maintenance of the property i.e. painting, repair of electrical or plumbing lines.
  • Regular inspection of the property to maintain required standards.

Rental Assessment

  • We do professional rental assessments for both commercial and residential properties and advice clients accordingly